You wouldn't see the dog above listed for sale online, and of course, you wouldn't walk into a pet store and ever see a dog like this.   But when you buy a pup from commercial breeders, puppy mills, brokers and pet stores, this is the dog you're paying for.  Because your purchase helps keep dogs in these conditions.  They are forced to live a soulless life of birthing puppies with no one to play with, love or truly care for them.  Until they're deemed no longer useful and euthanized, or worse, shot and replaced by the next.  You may think you're saving this one, but in fact you're providing the funding for it to continue.

Those cute pups you see online can be from one of these type environments.  And their websites don't make it clear; in fact they usually look great.  Each year The Humane Society releases a report citing the 100 worst puppy mills and puppy brokers in the United States.  This is to warn consumers about humane concerns and actions punishable by the Animal Welfare Act (often left unpunished for repeat offenses). 

You can view the latest report here The Horrible Hundred Report 2021

Please, if we all stop purchasing from stores which obtain their pets from these puppy mills and puppy brokers, we can help minimize the pain and suffering these animals go through.  Read the Humane Society's notice and prior year reports here.

For instance in this report:

  • A Kansas dealer, Wendy Pets, shoots and kills two dogs they no longer want.
  • A Missouri breeder, Puppy Love Kennel, repeatedly sells sick dogs, is being sued and still offers pups online!
  • Florida Puppies Online, a puppy mill listed in several years of The Horrible Hundred, is associated with stores in multiple states, and has been linked to 26 puppy deaths from disease and malnourishment, yet boasts stellar reviews on Yelp.
  • A Georgia puppy mill, Weatherford's Pampered Pets, has been issued a stop order for disgusting living conditions, dehydrated and matted dogs.
  • And so many more...

Swollen eyes, discharge, swollen feet, infected mammary glands (teats), lame dogs, rusted cages, living in 55 gallon drums, dogs covered in feces, lactating mom's used as a milk factory, scabs, lesions and growths are just a few of the conditions and issues these poor dogs try to survive in.  

Even if you do not buy from us, please do some research on the place you purchase from.  Ask for the breeder's name.  Ask if there is a broker.  Do a search of their names, kennels, stores, etc. and be informed.  Be a part of the solution by refusing to patron these places.

BUYER BEWARE Individuals who have purchased a sick puppy whom they believe may have come from a puppy mill may file a report with the USDA using their online form at USDA Animal Welfare Complaint Form and to the Humane Society of the United States at Buyers of sick puppies may also consider filing a complaint with the breeder’s state department of agriculture and/or their state attorney general or consumer protection division.