About Us

Our Mission

Here at Kai-Ara Lhasa Apsos our mission is to increase awareness of the Lhasa Apso breed, to help owners fully understand the breed and to help owners learn how best to interact with their dogs.  Our breeding program is developed through careful selection of foundation lines, obtaining Championship titles and breeding only structurally sound and healthy dogs.

These efforts will not only ensure the Lhasa Apso is a long lived breed, but also ensure it is kept out of both rescue and kill shelters.       

Past, Present & Future

In 1989 I bred my first litter of AKC registered miniature Dachshunds and fell in love with breeding and raising puppies. Back then we had no internet for studying and I wasn't involved in dog shows, which are for evaluating good breeding stock.  I simply bred to the best healthy, AKC registered males I could find and focused on strengthening traits.  Ads were placed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the owner selection process wasn't as involved as it is now.  Quite a bit has changed since then and all for the betterment of the breed. 

Fast forward to today, where I'm no longer breeding Dachshunds but have discovered a passion for the Lhasa Apso. I exhibit in AKC Dog Shows to ensure that I am breeding only sound, healthy, dogs which meet the breed standard.  My goal is to always produce well-tempered, top-quality puppies from carefully planned litters and do all I can to raise the best puppies possible - a clean environment, quality food, and a enriching development program including lots of toys and socialization. Our focus is on temperament, soundness, and beauty. Our dogs live with us in our home and are family members first and foremost. I am passionate about the work I do and truly love my dogs. 

How I got into breeding 

Many years ago I had a nice little Miniature Dachshund and was mentored by a dear friend/neighbor/AKC breeder, until sadly she passed. Afterwards, I began a career with the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and believed that my breeding days were behind me. I've always retained a love for dogs but upon discovering the Lhasa Apso, I fell so deeply in love with the breed, that it rekindled my passion for breeding. I am devoted to perpetuating the best qualities of this majestic breed, so that others too, may enjoy their wonderful spirit in life.  

My promise 

My dogs are considered members of my family, and they get the best care I can provide. My commitment is to always have responsible practices for breeding, training, and rehoming my puppies. I am very dedicated to what I do and what I aim to achieve as a breeder. I work with passion, heart, and integrity, and I truly want what's best for the Lhasa Apso line. 

- Sandra

More about Us

You may notice as you browse our site, that it's a little different from others. We are focused on educating Lhasa Apso pet parents.  Here you'll find invaluable resources and information to help with grooming, health concerns, housebreaking, what to do when a pet is lost, as well as training, what to expect with a new puppy and recommended food choices for both young and adult Lhasa Apsos.  

We really do love our Lhasas!  Our dogs are conditioned for outdoor elimination, love car rides, they're used to grooming, nighttime crating, playing with children, obedience basics, and they're exposed to loud noises to help desensitize unfavorable responses.  

Shopping for a new puppy?  The AKC has a webpage dedicated to explaining Why Picking a Breeder Is Just as Important As Picking a Puppy and we recommend you take a moment to learn more before making your choice.