Clubs, Organizations, Resources & Links


  • The American Lhasa Apso Club The American Lhasa Apso Club is the AKC Parent Breed Club for the Lhasa Apso.  Their mission is the preservation of the future of and welfare of the Lhasa Apso breed.
  • The American Kennel Club has a breed identifying page where you can learn more about this beautiful timeless breed and interesting facts.  Did you know the original name of the Lhasa was Abso Seng Kye, the "Bark Lion Sentinel Dog"?  Here you'll also find the breed standards noting all distinguishing characteristics and acceptable traits for the Lhasa Apso.
  • The Chattanooga Kennel Club is a wonderful group of people with many breeds.  Here fanciers and pet owners often meet at the Tri-State Exhibition center for club meetings, to train and offer lots of support and resources for dog owners.  
  • The Kennesaw Kennel Club is a good place for North Georgia fanciers to meet, train and offers lots of resources for purebred dog owners.
  • The Atlanta Kennel Club hosts two conformation shows a year and offers many training classes such as obedience, trick, puppy, scent work, conformation and more! 


  • The Lhasa Apso Rescue is a 501c non-profit rescue which finds new loving, responsible homes for displaced Lhasa Apsos.  There are many reasons you may find a dog homeless and in need of a new forever friend including national disaster, death of a caretaker, rehoming and abandoned animals.  If you're able to help or even if you can just donate, this is a wonderful place to assist and keep our beloved breed out of kill shelters

Dog Shows

  • InfoDog is a great place to see in one spot a Dog Show Calendar with information on all upcoming shows for which there is an official event approval.  
  • Onofrio is one of the largest Dog Show event organizers with lots of information as well as helpful tips for fanciers new to showing dogs.
  • The Winter Wonderland Cluster is a collection of Clubs which hold events in November and December at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, located in Perry, GA.  This is a fun event environment and perfect for beginners and experienced exhibitors alike! 
  • Take The Lead is a 501c non-profit organization which provides direct services, support and care for people in the sport of purebred dogs who suffer the devastation of life-threatening or terminal illness.  Any donations are appreciated and used wisely to support others.

 Breed Standards 

 The Official Standard in the USA for the Lhasa Apso and what anyone wanting to show their dog needs to memorize.

 Alchemy Dog Training located in Marietta, GA is a wonderful place to teach your dog everything from basic obedience to conformation handling.  They also offer special needs, behavioral and offer boarding with training as well.


  •  American Kennel Club (AKC) visit this site to register your dog with the AKC online.  For puppies purchased through us you will want to select the radio dial next to "I AM A NEW OWNER (PRE-PAID) My dog’s breeder already pre-paid for its registration." 
  •  PetKey™ is the microchip lost pet lifetime services we provide and where your dog will be registered to your name.  Shortly after taking your pet home you should receive an email regarding their registration.  If you do not, just let us know and we'll take care of it.  You will visit this link afterwards for any address changes or if you need to report your pet lost.  We will be notified as well and reach out personally to ensure you are assisted. 
  • United Kennel Club (UKC) is an international organization for registering purebred dogs and while our dams and sires are UKC registered, we do not automatically register litters for international events. 
  • Pedigrees   An AKC Certified Pedigree allows you to explore your dog's ancestry.  Impeccably documented and beautifully presented, this is your dog's official family tree.  The cost is $34 currently through the AKC for this documentation. 
  • Research Pedigree  All stud services require a 4 year pedigree for the bitch to be considered.  You may save by ordering the online downloadable pedigree which is $20 currently, and provides the medical history needed to research for stud purposes.  Please note the Research Pedigrees are for research purposes only and are not formatted for framing or display purposes. 

Reporting Concerns 

  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides an online form for reporting any concerns about animals covered under the Animal Welfare Act or the Horse Protection Act.  If you believe you've purchased a puppy that may have come from a puppy mill you may file a complaint here. 
  • The Humane Society of the United States offers an online form for buyers of sick puppies to report complaints for investigation.  Also consider filing a complaint with the breeder's state attorney general or consumer protection division. 


  •  Lhasa Apso Training - Think Like a Dog by Mr. Paul Allen Pearce.  Written with humor, easy to read and understand.  Paul Allen Pearce authors many training books specific to the breeds he has studied in depth across the globe.  Having traveled through more than thirty countries in study of behavior across the world and U.S. he has a broad perspective regarding animal behavior. 
  •  A New Owner's Guide to Lhasa Apsos by Nancy Plunkett.  From the history of the Lhasa Apso to behavior and communication.  Including dental care and traveling tips this 158 page book is full of helpful tips and makes for great reading and research.
  • The New Complete Lhasa Apso by Norman and Carolyn Herbel.  The best book for every Lhasa fan, this detailed work provides 290 pages of information and great imagery on these delightful favorites and furnishes an abundance of essential help on puppies, training, grooming, showing, and breeding.


  •  España SILK provides all natural grooming products safe for use on both animals and humans. 
  • Groomer's Choice supplier of many grooming products and equipment; colognes, ear care, eye care, shears, dryers, etc 
  • Love Groomers .has a huge array of products and tools at a great price point for high quality products. 
  • Chewy a huge selection of pet products with food, treats, supplies, clothing, vitamins and more for many pet types 
  • Cherrybrook is a favorite for many things such as brushes, combs, health, first aid and has a Made in the USA section. 
  • PetFlow is a great place for food, treats, toys and more and is where you can purchase Fromm high quality dog food. 
  • Sturdi Products offers a multitude of high quality, safe, pet carriers for travel as well as  pop up kennels (not shipping containers - we do not ship our dogs!) 
  • Purina is passionate about pet food and offers a store locator to find the store nearest you for purchasing.  Purina is a huge supporter of pet shows and gives back in more ways than just this! 
  • Tractor Supply Co. offers online shopping but is a wonderful place to browse in person!  Offering everything from farm animal items to pet supplies.  From bird feeders to slop troughs, fencing, fans and everything you can imagine, including quality western work wear.  It's like the Walmart for farmers without all the fancy and comes at a price point you'll love! 
  • Jeffers Pet offers THC free CBD products for aiding in anxiety & calming of pets through oils, treats and more.  While we have no experience with CBD products at this time, extensive research of the company and procedures used have resulted in our saving this link in case it's ever needed.  A small company out of Alabama founded by a PhD who grew his company in support of livestock and now ships throughout the continental US. 

We make no endorsement of, nor receive any proceeds for the above.  These are companies or products we are interested in, participate in or use ourselves and offer them as a resource to you.  Please use your own analysis and that of your Veterinarian to best serve your purpose and the wellbeing of your dog.